What Happened to Rachael?

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Read About the Life of Rachael Bowers Bendett

Biographical Sketch of Rachael Bowers (Bendett):

Born on January 18, 1965, 8+pounds, she was a happy baby as round and rosy and golden as a peach. She came home to meet her twin brother and sister just 22 months older. They were delighted with their baby sister and curious, having once believed they were the only children in the house. Adjusting to Rachael became fun. Not able yet to make the r or l sound, she became Wa Wa, with the long a. We all called her that as a pet name during her toddler years. She enjoyed time alone with Mom when the twins went off to preschool and then kindergarten. Having an older brother and sister gave Rachael the advantage of learning from each the skills of both boys and girls.


She became more versatile than both of them put together, meeting physical and mental challenges beyond her years. Climbing, running, swimming, reading, writing, arithmetic and finally horsemanship came easily to Rachael. She was known in school, as she grew up, as looking feminine but very competent and strong in most things having nothing to do with being a girl. She was a good sport, kind-hearted, coming home with tales of feeling sorry for one person or another. And she was funny without knowing it: her descriptions caused us to delight in her unique way of observing the world. She had an ear for words, was a bright student, and a friendly dry humor, curbing the snide remark so as not to hurt feelings. Rachael went to Carpinteria High School, competing in track meets, making good grades; attended Santa Barbara High School in her junior year, taking the GED, going off to Santa Barbara City College for her what would be her senior year; finally deciding to travel to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Greek Isles, and back and forth to Hong Kong buying and selling textiles. This was now 1983. As a young adult, Rachael searched for what she really wanted to do with her life, deciding to graduate in Health Science and work with people in a clinical setting. She graduated from San Diego State University in 1989.

She had also taken ground school to learn to fly at Mesa College, earning her private pilot license in 1990. Rachael worked at various jobs after graduation, traveled to Australia and Greece and Ireland, Hawaii, and drove across the USA before settling down to work as a buyer for one of the largest nursery in San Diego County. She married her flight instructor, became a stay-at-home mother of three beautiful children, throwing her energy into creating a beautiful home for family.

In 2006, Rachael was missing, her body found a month later on a beach near where she grew up. She had been married 12 years, her children 7, 5, and 4, two sons and a daughter. A divorce was pending. It had been a difficult year. Rachael was not one for hurting anyone; and it was hard for her to file for divorce. Rachael lived a full and good 41 years. How her life ended is still unanswered by law enforcement. Cause of death is 'undetermined." Her family is devastated and without resolution, searching for what became of their beautiful daughter and sister. They are determined to find answers to all the questions her death left behind.